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What is the Most Common Lift Truck Accident

Forklift rollovers are the most common form of lift truck accidents, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Forklift rollovers are also known as forklift overturns. Every year there are around 85 deaths and 34,000 forklift-related injuries. Being crushed by a forklift rollover was reported in 42% of fatal cases according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

What Causes a Forklift Rollover?

The reason Forklift rollovers are the most common lift truck accidents is due to the lack of adequate training. Turning too quickly, turning on an incline, and abrupt mast movements are more likely to happen to someone who wasn’t properly taught and doesn’t have sufficient experience. Forklift rollovers have also been caused by driving with an elevated load, uneven ground and an overweight load. If companies train their employees properly, all of these errors could be avoided. It is said that 1 in every 10 forklifts will be involved in an accident this year.

How do you Prevent Forklift Rollovers?

Forklifts that are not used properly can be dangerous, not only for the driver, but for everyone around them. According to recent research, forklift operators have hit other workers when operating the machines, so giving them more breaks throughout the day can improve their attention to their surroundings. There will be no risk of an operator accidentally striking another worker if there is a pathway laid out specifically for them. Forklift operators should make it their number one priority to obey the forklift operation guidelines and never exceed the appropriate speed limit. Forklift rollovers can be reduced by simply taking one’s time and paying attention to everything around them.

What Makes a Forklift so Dangerous?

A forklift weighs over 9000 pounds, making it a heavy piece of equipment. When a forklift rollover happens this weight can be misplaced on someone or something and the results can be deadly. Forklifts can move quite quickly and aren’t made to stop suddenly. In the event of an obstacle suddenly entering its path, the chances of it stopping are low. Swerving away won’t help either, as it will cause it to roll over. Due to the forward position of the load, it is difficult for the driver to see when using a forklift. Forklift driving is dangerous and should only be done by someone who feels confident and knows how to operate it properly.

Forklifts should only be operated by those who have the proper training and license. Taking it slow and steady is always a good idea. Notify your mechanic if you notice any problems. It is not a good idea to jump out of a forklift if it starts to tip. Instead, you should lean in the opposite direction of its fall. To prevent a forklift accident, stay safe, make sure the person operating is properly trained and alert.


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