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Uber & Lyft Accidents

In today's era, when everything is online, we are introduced ride-sharing services, like Uber and Lyft. These types of ride-sharing apps have become quite famous around the world.

They have revolutionised traveling experiences, especially in metropolitan areas like Atlanta. You just have to download the app and enjoy your easy ride all around the city. As the ride sharing apps become more popular there are higher chances of uber and Lyft crashes.

Many people enjoy these rides to avoid riding under the influence of anyone, which is a great way to keep our streets safe.

Are these rides safe?

Even though these rides are much more convenient and less time-consuming, the real question that we need to know; are these ride sharing apps safe?

Many people use these services daily, but many drivers and passengers are not satisfied with their services. If you have been in an accident while driving in a uber or Lyft car, call Reed Injury Law. We have top-rated uber/lyft accident attorneys who are ready to fight for you!

Atlanta Lyft and Uber Accident Lawyer

These types of rides are safer from drunk driving, no doubt, but accidents still happen on these rides too.

If you ever get yourself in an Uber or Lyft accident in Atlanta, all you have to do is reach out to our law firm so that you can get the best legal help in Atlanta, from our top-rated Uber and Lyft accident attorney.

Before approving any driver on their platforms, they have to pass a background check. All of their drivers must be cleared to drive, but despite being careful, things can still happen while driving in a uber/lyft car.

Below are some serious offenses that can disqualify a driver:

No matter who is at fault, you have to know how to protect your rights. Which is why Reed Injury Law has a team of top- rated Atlanta Uber & Lyft accident attorneys to help you. We know how to handle any Uber/lyft accident case and are ready to win your case!

Below are some things our attorneys can make sure you are compensated for:

But despite all these rules, accidents can happen anywhere worldwide.

Although there are similarities, a Lyft or Uber accident is different from an average car accident case. If you ever get into one, firstly, make sure you are fine; then, you have to make sure to take photos as evidence, that can be helpful for your case against uber/lyft. Then you have to call an expert lawyer like our Atlanta uber/lyft accident attorneys.

We can always help

Our Atlanta uber & lyft accident attorneys can help you file an injury claim, so call us today for a consultation. Here at Reed Law Firm, we have some of the best Atlanta personal injury lawyers who are experts in their field; so call us today.

We will make sure to build a strong case so that you can get compensation for all of your losses.

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