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Weapon Charges

Atlanta WEapons Charges attorney

Weapon Charges Defense Attorney

A weapon offense in Atlanta can be any sort of illegal use of a weapon, for example, possession, firing a gun improperly, or using a gun to commit a crime.

These sorts of crimes are not taken lightly by Atlanta's law enforcement, so you have to be careful while being convicted of these crimes. If you don't have a top-rated Atlanta weapons charges attorney by your side, you could severe penalty for your crimes, and end up in jail. Thats why Reed Injury Law is here to stand up for your rights.

We are here to help! By having a lawyer by your side, you will have a much higher chance of winning your case. As your weapon charges defense attorney, we can explain the charges you face and then help you resolve them as quickly as possible. We will protect your rights and fight for you!

You have to keep in mind that possession of guns is not the only thing considered a weapon; anything that is used to harm the other person and is lethal can be used as a weapon. Things like clubs, chemical sprays, tools, and knives also fall under this category. Other actions like providing someone with weapons, selling them, buying them, fraud in weapons licensing, and firearm trafficking are also considered illegal.

Types of Weapons Charges:

Below are types of weapon charges that can get you convicted for a crime:

Penalties for Weapon Charges and Offense:

There are certain penalties for weapon crimes that vary from state to state. Here in Atlanta, strict laws govern the use, sale, trafficking, discharging, and possession of weapons, including guns and other lethal items.

Anyone who does these serious crimes is given many penalties that may include a probation period, taking weapons custody, paying fees, detention, or even a prison sentence. These individuals can be convicted of a felony and serve many years in prison.

Your penalties depend on certain things. Using a weapon to commit a crime, or having a previous felony conviction. Weapon charges automatically increase to a felony charge, if you have had many charges already.

If you are charged with a weapon crime here in Atlanta, you do not have to worry much, because thankfully, Reed Law is here to your rescue. We are the best firm in Atlanta with some experienced and expert weapon charges Defense Attorneys who will make sure to save you from all the charges. We are experts in handling many types of weapon charges. Here are some types of weapon crimes that we handle at our firm:

Weapon Charges Defense Lawyer in Atlanta

Certain charges can leave a huge impact on your record, which will affect your professional life. You will be finding it hard to hold on to a certain job or secure a housing opportunity along with other life opportunities. Being convicted or accused of any crime can be a harsh thing to happen to anyone, so you should make sure to get yourself a highly expert attorney who will get you out of this situation. If you or anyone you or your loved ones have ever been convicted of a weapons crime, make sure to reach out to us at Reed Law Firm; we are here to serve you and help you in your legal matters.

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We are a team of highly professional and expert lawyers who can handle every case with such expertise that you will get the justice you deserve. So, whenever you are ready to let a professional handle your weapons charge defense case, make sure to reach out to us. Our weapon charge defense case will make sure to listen to you and get you out of the situation, professionally and legally. Reach out today to get a free legal consultation from our expert team.

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