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Drug Crimes

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According to the law, there are certain substances which are prohibited from keeping in your custody.

You will get many penalties if you are charged with the possession, distribution, manufacturing, or cultivation of these drugs.

These penalties can depend on the time, duration of the possession, and the amount of the substance. You can suffer from probation or even jail time due to these charges.

These charges, especially the distribution and trafficking of these substances, can leave you with a significant mark on your record, affecting your life.

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Below are drugs that are not allowed in your possession:

Even prescription drugs such as Oxycontin and Vicodin are not allowed if they were not prescribed to you.

Not only the possession and use of drugs, but also their marketing, trading, trafficking, gifting, cultivation, bartering, and sale are also considered illegal.

You could get a high penalty, a lot of fines, and jail sentence for years. So, hire a top-rated drug crimes attorney today to lower your jail sentence.

The conviction for drug use and abuse can depend on several factors, some of which are as follows:

Penalties that are common for drug use and abuse:

Below are examples of the most common penalties for a drug crimes case:

Probation: usually requires you to attend school regularly; requires you to complete a drug abuse program, public, or any other sort of service. it also requires you to follow a curfew.

Pretrial diversion: encourages you to admit guilt, but there is also a deferred entry of judgment. If the juvenile completes the court-ordered program, the result could be complete removal of all charges.

Detention: a rare penalty for juvenile drug possession if a type of violent crime or robbery is involved or the accused is a repeated drug abuse crime. The juvenile detention center, probation camps, home confinement, or sending to foster homes are included in the juvenile detention options.

Drug counseling: drug counseling is ordered by the juvenile court judge for the juvenile offender to rehabilitate the youth and their parents or guardians.

If you or your loved one have ever been charged with drug possession or any other sort of drug crime, you have to get yourself a professional Atlanta drug crimes attorney right away.

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